Tarot Card of the day (10)

Two of Cups Reverse   With the Full moon coming into Aries we are going to want to find our own path. You may feel inauthentic and out of place. You may want to just jump ship and start over on an island. Mix signals may create clouds of judgment as this may be a […]

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Disgaea Episode? Review

  I know I said these would be reviews on the game as I complete each chapter. I’m starting to guess that Disguise doesn’t want you to just beat the game. I believe they just want you to level up. Level 9999 being the max. My strongest Hero at level 13 with 289 hit points […]

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Top Five Hottest Celebs in leggings

Hey, what’s what’s up?! Leggings have been the craze since the 1800’s, yo. Now their the most popular choice for casual and work out wear. This October I know closets are going to be stocked with them. So for inspiration check out the Top five Celebs in leggings. 1st some info about leggings. Leggings refers to […]

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Tarot Card Of The Day (9)

Nine of Man From the HP Love craft Tarot, Hard to equate to traditional tarot. This interpretation has to do with the sense of sexual exploration. The Aquarius Moon sitting in the 8th house has one with deep desires to try something new. This may be hard if in a relationship, but see if you […]

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Tarot Card Of The Day (8)

Queen of Wands Today is a day you feel so good. Your confidence is at its peak. The Sun Shifting to Libra in the 4th house will have you to feeling like  hosting a gathering or party in your home with close friends and family. You want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Let every worry […]

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Disgaea 4 Episode 1 Review

I know I’m late, But everything has it’s time. I’m just in my own time of finding this cinematic Masterpiece  called Disgeae 4 A promise unforgotten. It’s a character building, turn-based battle rpg. From Picturesque animations to witty and senile dialog. To Epic Special Moves and timeless strategy. This game will have you forgetting your […]

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New Dream Team?

It’s True Goku and Vegeta join forces to battle Zen-Oh in the season finale of Dragon Ball super.  “I’m sorry, you say that’s for another post?” “Oh, You’re right I get NBA sports mixed with action anime a lot. Common disease.” Dwayne Has sighed with the Cleveland Cavaliers For 2.3 Million Dollar Contract for one year. […]

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Types of Lingerie

Lingerie is both tantalizing and elegant. How many guys know that their are different types for different occasions? 1. Corset This a ease one to remember. It cinches Her shape so dramatically, and covers more than the average bra and panty sets, the corset leaves more to the imagination. I find this best at a fancy […]

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The Dog House Week 3

(0-3)   Yet another game off to a slow start and Kirksey with another early sack in the 1st against colts rookie OB. Late in quarter the Colts would rally for a long 3rd down completion and short OB take for a Rushing TD Indianapolis leads 7-0.  In the second the Browns would storm down the […]

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